Hey. We get it!

There is NOTHING more frustrating than knowing you can make a difference, but getting a website together (that actually feels and looks like YOU) is a headache you really don’t have time for.
If you could wish for anything, you’d just get it DONE… so you can get back to doing what you love (and what actually makes a difference).


That’s what we want to create for you.
A space that you feel proud inviting people into.
A space that reflects who you truly are, and is easy for your customers or clients to say ‘Yes! She gets me!’.
We want you to feel GOOD about your online home, so that you can focus on making the impact you know you’re here to make.

My team and I would love to invite you to immerse yourself in Illumination: our signature brand and website creation experience!

We believe that creating an online platform for you to share your work from should be a fun, creative, and inspiring part of doing business. By combining our joint experience, skills and knowledge, we’ve created a process that ensures it’s exactly that – and we can’t wait to see what your journey looks like!

There are different options for how in-depth you want to go, but Illumination includes the following:

Your Archetypal Blend Board

This is where the magic begins! As soon as you booking is confirmed, you’ll begin your Illumination experience by creating your Archetypal Blend Board.; a visual representation of your authentic brand. If you don’t already have access to the Initiation Kit, we’ll provide you with everything you need to create your Blend Board, which will ensure we design a website and brand identity that is 110% YOU. Once your project is complete, your Blend Board will help you make design choices in the future, such as choosing imagery and working with other creatives. 

Your Brand Identity Guide

As part of your handover, you’ll receive your Brand Identity Guide; a document that tells you everything you need to know for keeping your business on-brand as you start to use your new identity. The Guide includes Blend Board inspiration, your logo, colour palettes (including HEX codes) and your font scheme. We’ll also provide you with details on where to purchase font licenses (if necessary) and any textures we may have used. 

“I had been following Cerries for a year, when she wrote a blog post about being undefinable. I knew in that moment that she was the perfect person to work with me on my branding and website. I choose those who resonate with my heart call to infuse their energy into the structures that support my soul based business and she just gets it, the shifting tides of how many of us share our gifts in the world and the heart and soul we put into our work. My appreciation for the work of this woman grew when she followed her intuition and shared with me that she felt I would benefit from personal branding, something I had been debating with myself for some time. Her words were divinely timed and opened up the energy for me at the perfect time for my practice. Cerries is the real deal and infuses her work with heart, soul and authenticity”

~ Gabrielle Walker | wanderkind.com.au

We know that one size definitely doesn’t fit all when it comes to website design.

We want you to be you in business…so we’ll tailor your Illumination experience to suit your needs.

In addition to your Blend Board, Brand Identity Guide, logo files and WordPress website, you can pick and choose from the following optional extras (priced individually):

“Learning my Archetypes was the most impactful investment I’ve made in terms of developing my brand, so Illumination with Cerries seemed like the obvious choice for a new brand identity. I wasn’t disappointed! Her process goes beyond just fonts and colors; she took the time to learn about my business and my clients. I felt understood and heard during the entire process and my new identity feels polished, professional, and 100% me. Thank you, Cerries!”

~ Asia Dore | asiadore.com

Do I need a URL?
Yep, you do! If you don’t have one already, we can guide you through the process of how and where to buy one.
Do I need hosting?
Yes you do – although if this isn’t something you have already, we can walk you through exactly what you need to do to get that set up.
Can you update my already existing site?

Most likely! If you have a site already that you’d like us to makeover, drop us an email to erin@cerriesmooney.com and we’ll take a look at it for you. It should be fine, but we can check for any compatibility issues before you actually decide whether Illumination is right for you.

Can I just hire you to design my brand identity only, with no website?

You can! Send an email to erin@cerriesmooney.com and we’ll give you all the info you need. You will receive a Brand Identity Guide that will provide you with the information you need to apply your new identity to your website. (If you’re technically unsavvy, I suggest you purchase the full website package to ensure your identity is applied properly to your site.)

Can I easily change or add my own content on my new site?
Absolutely. We’ve created this whole process with the busy solopreneur in mind, so you’ll easily be able to make any changes you need to once the site has been handed over to you.
Do I need to supply you with copy, or can you use demo copy?
If you don’t have copy ready to go on your site, it’s no problem – we’ll use demo copy instead. When you’re ready, you can go ahead and replace it with your own copy.
What if I need additional / different pages?

As standard, we create the following pages to get you started: Home, About, Work With Me, Blog, Praise, and Contact. If you need additional / different pages, email us at erin@cerriesmooney.com to discuss your requirements. It may be that there is no additional cost (depending on the work involved), but if there is, we’ll let you know ahead of making your booking. Don’t forget – you can always add / delete pages as you need to once your site has been handed over to you.

Can I update my new blog? Is it easy to publish blog posts?
A big yes to both! You have full control over your blog, and it’s super-easy to publish new posts. If you can use a word processor, you can easily publish a blog post 🙂
Can I easily change my graphics at a later date?
Absolutely. We know that businesses and brands often need to change direction, so we chose this theme for that reason. You can change anything on your new website easily – although if you do find you need a little help, we can step in and support you (for a small additional cost).
Will you show me how to use my new site?
Once your handover is completed, we’ll give you access to a selection of training videos we’ve created to help you take care of the most common things you’ll need to do with your new site, such as adding pages, adding items to the navigation menu, publishing blog posts etc.
Can I keep the logo I have now?
Yes, although we’d encourage you to go through the whole process with an open mind. There is no discount for keeping any part of your current brand identity, so why not explore other options while you have the opportunity? 🙂
Will your theme work with my plugins?

Most likely, however if you have specific requirements or plugins that you have to keep, send us an email to erin@cerriesmooney.com and we’ll check compatibility before you sign up to Illumination.

Can you accommodate any email marketing providers for my optin?

The plugin we use for the optin on the site accommodates all of the major email marketing providers (Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact etc). If you plan on using a lesser known provider, drop us an email to erin@cerriesmooney.com and we will double check for you.

Do you offer ongoing support?

Once your site has been handed over, the project is considered to be complete, and there is no ongoing support offered as part of Illumination (although of course, we’re here to help if you have a question!). If you do require ongoing support (such as regular backups, plugin updates etc), our lovely web expert Steffany may be able to offer a support plan for you. Email us at erin@cerriesmooney.com if this is something you’d like to find out more about.

What if I need something more advanced?

Illumination is designed to get you moving forward efficiently and effectively, without all of the frills and complications of a more complex site build. If you do need more advanced capabilities, however, our web expert Steffany may be able to work with you on those on an individual basis, outside of your Illumination experience. Email erin@cerriesmooney.com if you have any queries about more advanced development you may need.

Can you build me a shop, or a membership area?

E-commerce and membership areas aren’t something we currently offer as part of the Illumination experience, however it is something our web expert Steffany may be able to help you with as an additional project once your Illumination is over. Email erin@cerriesmooney.com for more information.

Will my website be SEO-optimised?
If SEO is something you feel you need to focus on, we recommend that you consult an experienced SEO expert for further support in this area.
Can you build my website in another language?

Quite possibly! The best thing to do would be to email us at erin@cerriesmooney.com so we can discuss your requirements in more detail.

“Choosing the Illumination program was one of the best decisions I have made in my online business. Cerries took my Pinterest Blend Board, along with my Jester and Alchemist archetypes and really nailed it! The colors, fonts, and design elements really feel like “me” and I am so clear and comfortable now with my brand. Before Illumination, I felt like an awkward teenager, floundering to feel comfortable in my own skin. Now my new brand helps me feel like a sexy, adult woman, totally confident in who I am and the message I want to convey :-)”

~ Melissa Clough | melissaclough.com

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